DUI Screenings are conducted:

Monday - Thursday by appointment only.

Friday -  Walk on in 9:00 am. to 4:00 p.m.(First-come-first-serve basis)

Screenings are approximately 1 hour in length and costs $50.00*

Saturday screenings are available by appointment only at $60.00*

Out-Of-State DUI's are $80.00*

*(No hidden fees: Screening prices include Intake, Screening and Discharge)

Camino Nuevo Counseling Services is licensed by The State of Arizona, Department of Behavioral Health Services as an approved DUI service provider and as a behavioral health outpatient clinic.
The goal of the alcohol screening is to assess the extent of a client's current and past alcohol abuse and/or dependence. Individuals are screened using standardized test and an in-depth personal interview which includes, but is not limited to, an assessment of:

1) Client psycho-social history

2) Physical health problems related to alcohol and/or drug use

 3) Previous history of arrests related to alcohol and/or drug use

4) Decrease in attendance/productivity at work or school due to alcohol and/or     drug use

5) Prior history of drug or alcohol treatment

Once the screening is complete, recommendations are made for DUI and/or Treatment depending upon the results of the screening and criteria mandated by Arizona State law.